Sunday, August 5, 2007

Group Ride

Was able to get out yesterday on a group ride. Started out with me and Lenny, showing Matt and Rick around SMH. Matt's never been and Rick hasn't ridden the newer stuff out there. Happy to show the boys around, nice easy ride - lots of laughs along the way. Picked up Ryan and Steve as we met them along the trails.

Steve on the "A Frame".

Lenny, easily climbing up one of the more technical climbs in SMH.

Matt's attempt at the same climb. Got to keep that front tire down if you're going to make it to the top.

Ryan, just cruising along.

Blurry . . . . take off. Rick's landing wasn't much better - but apparently that was my fault.
Word to the wise kids . . . . don't brake just as you come up to the lip of a jump!

Rick was all about "getting air" yesterday. Huge air off this A frame bridge!!!

Thoughts on making the ride more enjoyable for Rick and Matt next time they visit SMH:
  • point out all the rocks on the trails . . . . so they can avoid them
  • let them, especially Rick, know when there is a tree coming
  • go slow . . . . though, in my defense, I was going slow

In all fairness, the boys did great. I was expecting yard sales, broken bones and general chaos. If they rode this stuff a couple times a week, they'd be flying out there! That's some tough trails out in SMH - in my opinion, you won't find more technically challenging trails anywhere else in Ontario.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on Rick and Matt. They're sensitive little guys.

Ryan said...

Thanks for letting me tag along! The look on my face is saying "I hope I can keep up!"



Craig said...

Tag along?? You should have ridden the whole ride with us! Rick and Matt were keeping the pace down. Haaa haaa haaa. You should have seen those to crash Ryan!