Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching Up

Despite my aching back, I can bear to sit a little today to get caught up in some of my blog posts. I'd much rather be out skiing today - just look at the conditions. Alas, I'm supposed to be off my feet for five or so days. I'm already going nuts-o. Got some company coming over in a little bit to wax some skis - will post about that tomorrow.

For now, here's a little of what's been happening lately in my own little world:

Winter commute - if you remember a few posts ago on studding my winter tires, I've been riding them to work each day due to the November snow fall that we've had. Not a lot of ice on the roads, plenty of loose, slushy snow to plow through though. I dig the extra traction, but these tires are pigs. If it were only the tires (minus the studs) there would still be rolling resistance as compared to my commuter tires. The studs make it that much more difficult to pedal and keep the momentum of the bike going - it's like I dropped the chain down to a smaller rear cog. On bare pavement the tires emit a constant "Zzzzzzzzzzz". I think they'll be worth it once the side roads are packed down with snow as they usually are during winter.

New pedals courtesy of Big Ring Racing. Thanks again guys - these are beauties!

I was out of town last weekend and was very sorry to have missed this epic mid-November ride, The Hardfolk Classic. From the report it had all the makings of a memorable ride: beautiful scenery, good food, good company and thievery (yes, I said thievery - read the report). Looking forward to hooking up with the guys in the Spring for some rides.

You may remember my belly-aching about feeling out of shape, not doing anything, looking for a strength building-core conditioning class. I tried the kettlebell thing . . . I can see how people would like this, but it just isn't for me. It reminds me too much of lifting weights. In university playing hockey and rugby I spent many, many hours in the gym lifting, throwing around weights, trying to look buff and get stronger. Gyms tend to be full of testosterone filled meat-heads (no offense to meat-heads everywhere), and the one that attended was no exception. Besides being boring as watching paint dry, lifting weights causes me to bulk up very quickly. Yeah, yeah . . . . I can hear meat-heads everywhere saying "Lighten up on the weights and do greater reps, feel the burn!!!" No thanks, not for me.

So I've decided to get back on the swiss ball once a week at home and take in one or two yoga classes. I'm going to incorporate ashtanga or power yoga and get back to bikram (hot yoga - which I was doing last winter) yoga. Both the ball and yoga will improve my flexibility, balance and strength, won't be as boring as lifting weights and I won't bulk up. XC & skate skiing will work my cardio, as well as the new toy keeping me honest on the bike.

Although being super busy these past couple of weeks, I did get pointed to a new bike site, Bike Rumor. Check it out.

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Anonymous said...

are you really going to have road pedals? OMG!!!

you know what comes after that eh? SHAVING YER LEGS!!!!!!


you'll need hedge trimmers gorilla boy.