Sunday, November 16, 2008

CX blow me down

My 'little' nephew Mike (the guy is like six foot something or other and in his mid twenties . . . . phhffft, little) was up to Ottawa this weekend, so I thought I'd take him out to watch the CX race this morning out in Kanata. He's a bit of a roadie, triathlon, xc runner guy so he would appreciate watching some guys and gals suffer for an hour. It was not a very nice day. Rainy and windy earlier on in the morning, then it turned windy-er-er and snowy. You couldn't pay me to ride today. Those cx racers hard sickos for punishment.

It was so windy you could lean back into the wind and it would hold you up, as Mike demonstrates. Biking into the headwind would have really sucked.

"Ahhhhh!! Someone save me! I'm blowing away!"
Being a slight little thing, I nearly blew away during one of the stronger wind gusts.

Osmond Baker puts an early gap onto the field with Warren right behind him, on the only big climb on the course.

Warren (yes, he should be paying me with all the publicicty that I give him!) navigates his way through a slippery, muddy section on the hill.

Tall Tree rider (I think that's Neil?) on the same muddy section.

Mike and I took off about a half hour into the race - we were too cold. Phffft, whimps.
Race results found here. Only two races left in the Ottawa CX series. If you haven't gotten out to watch and cheer on, you should really get out there.


Anonymous said...

hey man!

you guys were hilarious cheerers, and judging by your posting, EVEN funnier on top of the hill, love the shot of flying in the wind.

(ps - Bakker (sp))

I will have your powertap stuff ready to go this week, so lets look at next week for hooking up one evening to set you up on the pimp ride.

have a good one!!!


the original big ring said...

Awesome! Thanks Warren - looking forward to it.

Rodd Heino said...

Ya shoulda come riding with us!
100 km
including the gravel gap
Weather looks good for the Hardman
clear and chilly
makes for hard dirt