Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Toronto International Cyclocross Races

The Midweek Cycling Club hosted a full day of cyclo-cross action that included all the OCA Southern Ontario categories along with the main event, the Elite Men and Women UCI-C1 races. The race showed off that Ontario is fast becoming a North Amercian hot bed of CX racing. (as seen on Ontario Cycling Association website)

Nope, I didn't compete . . . though I'm sure if I did I'd would have won it all. I could have . . . . if I wanted to. I'm just saying . . . .

I didn't race, but my buddy Warren did. He was in some fine company with the US National Champ taking part.

That's Warren just starting at the barriers (white, black and green'ish kit on).

*Shudder* hill climb

Warren got a boo boo during the race:
"over the bars on the muddy decent off the ski hill side slope, front tire washes out, I super man in mud for 50 feet down the hill on my stomach...and then see my shin wrecked from the pedal...NICE!! scars!! wicked!!"

Warren, I see stubble - time to shave you razor packing roadie.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that Derick st john up front?
He pulls out the hp.
I heard he is racing pro now.

In respect to UCI CX ratings, I think he sits 33rd world wide. Just behind Jeremiah Bishop
(http://www.jeremiahbishop.com/ )
Amazing rider Jeremiah is.
I heard this guy just flys during his races.
I'm hoping to get out to an underground race (7 stager on road and mtb) next year held by the boyz down south.

Met him a couple of times at the stage races and hundred milers.
Interesting life of a pro-racer.
I wouldn't wanta do it. "Yah gotta really love it" (a quote by Chris Eatough).