Thursday, December 18, 2008

Naked Gear Review: The Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages? Yes, the Yellow Pages.
After Dicky pimping me out and sending the masses my way yesterday, I did not want to disappoint any new viewers looking for some semi nude photography. It now being the 'off-season', the Christmas season and my lack of money season to buy any new exciting bicycle related gear I had to think of something to review. And it was right under my nose the entire time.

I don't mean to just pick on Kurt, there's Saris, Tacx and others who offer a product (which is way over priced for what it's meant to do in my opinion) to place your front wheel on to level your bike while riding your trainer.

Save your money and use your Yellow Pages.

It keeps your front wheel level with your back wheel sitting in the trainer. I don't find using the Yellow Pages an issue of balance or sliding off, even during hard intervals or sprints. You may need to open it up (to get it thinner) if you live in a very large city (big Yellow Pages), so to get that perfect height.

Perfectly balanced and level. Being the original big ring and doing naked reviews, the last thing I want is my saddle in compromising places.

I've been using the Yellow Pages ever since I got my first trainer - it doesn't cost anything, it's the perfect height (or I can make it the perfect height), I can recycle it every year if I want to, it's delivered to my door for free, and the best part is when I am done a work out I got all the pizza delivery shop phone numbers close at hand.

Mmmmmm, pizza.
Notice the wardrobe change?

Unfortunately, if you live in Butthump Nowhere, your Yellow Pages may be a tad bit too thin to keep you level. Some of the training/climbing blocks that you can buy have varying heights, whereas the Yellow Pages do not. Easy solution: stack your White Pages on there to simulate climbing or a piece of scrap wood, or your favourite bed time story book. It's pretty easy to save yourself some cash-ola for purchases of more worthy bicycle items.

*any bicycle related industry big wigs with loads of money they want to save for more important things (like gingerbread lattes and company jets) rather than costly advertising - send me your wares and I will review them for free . . . . naked and free!


shockstar said...

so...i'm fully aware the trainer can be a dangerous place but i was a little thrown off by the fact that you've fallen off your couch enough to warrant a helmet at what most would consider a non-high-risk-traumatic-brain-injury-inducing-activity. but, hey...i could just thank you for giving the eyes somewhere to wander off to.

Anonymous said...

some people should NOT be allowed to post photo's of themselves on the internet...I wonder who was the responsible party for snapping the compromising photos? they are quite the "action" shots...NICE!!!

shave yer legs Chewbacka.


Mark said...

Yellow pages? What's that? I thought everything is on the interweb now.

Hate to say this but you look way to happy with the way that seat tube appears to be dissapearing in your arse.

the original big ring said...

it makes me pedal faster

LennyG said...

I also like to recycle my phone books but in a different way. You see I also like to save my money for more important things like bike gear and food so I use my phone book as a GPS. Yeah, I know it's not automated and there's lots of pages of maps to flip through but I can find your house with it and hopefully I can find the memory card from your camera and burn it...