Friday, January 16, 2009

Moasty Toasty

I figured if I'm man enough to bike to work in this weather during the day, I could be more of a man if I skied at night. Hence, making me "the man".

To be honest, my commute to work ain't that long - but it beats driving. And despite not being that long, this past week I have still managed to feel pretty bloody cold by the time I get to work regardless of distance.

So, not being the only one feeling the need to prove his manhood last night, Curvy Butt joined me. Why would we test out 'manhood' by skiing at night, on back country trails, in minus thirty degree temperatures risking freezing off our dangling manhood parts? What else are you going to do on a Thursday night? I've been sitting on the trainer the past two nights and needed a break. Besides, the wind was calm and it was a starry night - perfect for a bromantic back country xc ski romp in the woods.

My eyes nearly frozen shut. My camera died right after this photo as the temperature sucked all the juice out of it.

It's all about dressing for the conditions. Despite being all frosty in the photo above, I was actually nice and moasty toasty. You didn't want to stop too long though - thankfully waxing wasn't an issue last night. Fun ski. Lots of darkened ups and downs. Curvy Butt took a wicked header near the end of along twisty run out. I laughed so hard snot came out my nose and then froze before I had stopped laughing. Good fun.


Dan Frayer said...

Your camera has juice in it?

I thought I was a hard ass for riding in 4 degree temps. You are the manly man.
love dan

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