Thursday, February 5, 2009

How I Got Fat

Two broken bike items in just a week has got me thinking. I've either gotten really, really powerful in one month since really working out in my power zones with the PowerTap OR I'm a fat ass. After much consideration, I'm thinking it's the latter.

How can this happen every winter? Last winter I needed to shed almost 24lbs in order to getLink down to my 'ideal' racing weight. I know that everyone usually puts on a little weight over the winter - it's normal and natural. We become a little more sedenatry, we're not exercising as frequent, racing stops, there are all sorts of holidays that entice us to stuff our pie holes, and so on. It's also nature's way of helping us prepare for colder weather (those of us in northern climates anyway) - a little extra fat keeps us mosty toasty. However, I think that last winters gain of 26lbs actually started in August '07 - remember this? Was that Mother Nature telling me that I am a slower learner and needed to start early? Freak'in hell! I had boobs!

I made a little video explaining what happened/has happened again.


Jerome said...

That's a very educational video. Music sounds Albertan. I just ran the DisneyWorld 1/2 Marathon, and the full Marathon the very next day. I was 20lbs heavier this year than I've ever been starting any of my previous 3 full marathons. I'm just starting to tell my wife that I'm build for comfort, not speed. It sure starts to catch up once you get a little older though huh? I eat at least half of what I used to, and still just keep getting heavy heavier. Oh well. More pancakes and fewer ricecakes. That's what I say! And if round is indeed a shape, I'm im pretty good shape! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

remember, there is always someone, ahem - ME, who is heavier then you are.

stop breaking equipment, or you are gonna need a nickname like mine.... "WARREN "T" "

keep up the training man.


Big Bikes said...

Dude, I was sitting there reading your comment on my blog while inhaling a PB & J with about and inch of peanut butter on it. "Hmm, that's a lot of peanut butter, maybe I should scrape some off...ulp!".

My record weight gain was a solid 30Lbs. in 2003.The winter I decided to catch up on two seasons of The Sopranos while eating everything Tony ate. That went well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig,

Check out this article by Bobby Julich.

Glad I'm not the only one who puts the hurt on their equipment. Misery loves company!
Stay Cool

Joao said...

What is your Body Mass Index?
- I have: 22.6 hehehe!!!
Craig, you and all the bloggers here, can come HERE and calculate you BMI.

I love to eat, but I guess our body just works differently. I love chocolats and donuts but I just eat them from time to time, try to eat more fish and fruits. Hope to see you next summer, with 15lbs less!!!

Dan said...

i consider the extra winter pounds as a reservoir for power, speed and skill necessary for the Spring Classics. Besides, there is nothing wrong with a bit of male chest endowment. Keep feeding the BEAST!
love dan

LennyG said...

That's not a belly... it's a gas tank for a love machine!