Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday's blog post (heads up on that courtesy of Curvy Butt) on Svein Tuft was pretty cool - well, not the blog post, but the link to the wicked story about him. He's given me reasons to have a favourite road racing team to follow and cheer for this season:
  1. he's a fellow Canuck
  2. he likes dogs
  3. David Zabriskie rides for Garmin (he's a pro with a stash!)
  4. they got argyle race kits (what's not to love about argyle?!)
  5. Garmin's team goal is to 'ride clean' (I'm hopeful, but the jury is out on this one)

David Zabriskie

Interesting Reading:
  • In case you didn't read the comments from a few days ago, GregZ (not affiliated with or related to David Z [above], unless he has a stash too) linked this article by Bobby Julich on "Battling the Bulge" . . . . . I'm guessing it was directed more towards me than you.
  • Clint Eastwood look alike has three narrow misses on one ride and forgets to pack this to deal with dipshits (remember, guns don't kill people, people kill people who are stupid)
  • young rider dies in sleep at Tour de Qatar
  • my little nephew's Tri training team
  • hardest ski ever ends in an upset tummy


Mike said...

Team Garmin-Slipstream also has Ryder Hesjedal, another Canadian!!,who had a great run at the Tour de France last year.
Thanks for the IronStride plug.

Big Bikes said...

You're changing my stereotype (thanks to Michael Moore) of Canadians as people who own lots of guns but never use them to kill each other.

Guns kill people much too quickly, unless you Buckwheat them, but that's tough to do when they're sitting in a car.

the original big ring said...

We don't shoot each other to death, we're way too polite for that. We tend to just throw rifles, hand guns, shot guns, etc. at each other if our panties are really in a knot.