Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting Surgical

I had an appointment with Mary at Bike2Body last night to re-check my pedal stroke with a new computer program she's using that will accurately analyze and interpret the data she had done on my initial bike fit. It will more precisely measure the knee bend at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

I put new Crank Bros Quatro Ti pedals on the road bike at the end of the year (after it snowed - damn you snow!) and didn't bother to swap out my cleats and cleat platform. So with my appointment last night, I had to swap the old ones out.

I had to use my dremel on the shoe and cleat platform to make it fit. Not an issue and an easy fix. But in the words of Alonzo Harris . . .

Alonzo Harris: "You KNOW I'm surgical with this bitch."

And I am. Check out this sculpture of a cat I did a couple years ago. Didn't know I had that kind of talent, did you?!
Okay, it looks like a drunk grade three did it.

'member kids . . . when putting in screws into your shoes (ie. cleats) use some threadlock. Don't want your cleats coming out in the middle of a ride.

Ta da.


Anonymous said...

time for some new shoes. ;-)



Anonymous said...

and a Specialized BG fit!

gwadzilla said...

I have always had issues with melting plastic rather than trimming it when using the dremmel