Tuesday, March 3, 2009

John and Kate, Big Ring Hates

Does your wife or life partner (hey, I'm not judging you) watch 'John and Kate Plus Eight'? If you're a self respecting male with two testicles (even if you have one, like Lance), I guessing you don't watch. And if you are a 'closet watcher', I pity you fool. My wife is watching it as I type and loves it, hence me sitting in front of the computer while she watches the mundane and trivial reality show on raising kids. Perhaps it's my sub-conscious attempting to avoid the inevitable 'father hood' bullet at the last possible minute before the peanut arrives. OR, it's because the show sucks ass. I'm going with the latter.

Remember the prego poll last or so ago week regarding your prediction of the birth of the next generation of big ring? 42% of you said that Chris was going to be early, delivering a wee little girl. Today (March 3rd) is our due date. Well, it doesn't look good . . . unless in the next couple of hours (I'm typing this Monday evening around 10pm) things go pear shape, looks like it's not going to happen before the 3rd.

We're both very excited for the peanut to arrive. The past nine months have flown by and a lot has happened, whereas the last couple of weeks have slowly gone by with very little happening. Anticipation, anticipation. Boy? Girl? Doesn't matter at this point, as long as he/she is happy and healthy and good genetics to be a powerhouse cyclist that will dominate the sport.


Mark said...

Sorry I missed the poll but my guess is you are having a girl.

My wife (and now daughter) watch that show religiously. I guess I am normal because I can't stand it!

Good luck!

Jerome said...

Good luck with the whole process. BTW, do you know what the definition of fatherhood is? - Going through childbirth with-out pain killers....don't tell your wife that though! Mine certainly didn't appreciate it.

I don't mind that show. I think maybe because I want a lot of kids (5 is a number we've settled on). And you have to hand it to John and Kate, they are doing a pretty good job. Once you have kids, you really notice other peoples kids and how they are behaved. I've come to the conclusion that most parents shouldn't be. Little jonny throwing a hissy fit, his mom or dad giving in, and what has he learned? Indeed, whining, kicking and screaming in public places is the best way to get what you want. Make sure you start early and teach them how to and how not to behave! You may feel like a tyrant by not giving them what they want when they try this method of getting it (and all kids do) but after a while, they will realize it's futile and accept that you can't always get everything you want all the time. Then, reward them for good behavior. Next thing you know, you'll have people commenting on what a nice family you are when you’re at restaurants .It's a blast and the most rewarding thing in the world. Wow, that's a whole wack of advise in one comment. I'm stoked for you!

Sara said...

I voted on the poll...and all I keep wondering is if you tell your wife often how freaking awesome she looks pregnant!

As Minhas Pedaladas said...

My guess was a baby girl.
I must agree with Jerome. We need to show them some rules, they will still love us (hoppefully)!!!.
But you work with children so...
One think I'm certain our children are always the smartest!!!
(Dont be scared by the black/green poe!!!)

All the best for you Chris and the baby,

Papa G said...

I watch Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood instead! Actually, I only watched it once and I thank God that I don't have kids like him!

I didn't have a chance to enter the prego poll but I'm betting on a girl! I am sure she'll be with us very soon. Good luck!


the original big ring said...

So everyone is saying that I should spank - right!? Excellent.

Hahahaha . . . thanks everyone for your comments.

Yes Sara - she looks fantastic! I do tell her - but probably not enough. Will tell her today! ; )

Big Bikes said...

Blogging while your girlfriend/Wife/Fiance watches awful shows like "Friday Night Lights", "Project Runway", or "Top...whatever the hell" is the best. It's like doodling in the back of class in high school. That's when I get my best work done.

gwadzilla said...

boy or girl?

either way you are going to be stoked

I have two boys and wish I had a girl!

especially when my boys are fighting

happy healthy and whole
that is all you need
the rest is all about love!


and yes
get your sleep now

you are gonna need it

you thought you trained for 24 Hour Races?

that was all training for this!