Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where the wild things ride

Poor old shoe cover - essential this time of year.

The first bit of wildlife I saw yesterdayay was when I showed up a Lenny's house and he answered the door. Leonard sat on my ass all day and made me do all of the work. I wasn't working for him though, nice easy low end endurance pace for me.

A big Beaver lodge.
Rode through the countryside and passed through some marshes out and around west Carleton.

A big osprey nest just across the road from the big beaver lodge.

Gobble gobble gee, gobble gobble goo. Let's eat turkey in a big brown shoe.

Some wild turkeys (bad, far away photo - they were big suckers!) - we counted about thirty - I was only able to get these.

Speaking of turkeys, our ride lead us past Scotia Bank Place, home of the Ottawa Senators (who in my opinion suck ass).

Right after taking this shot I bonked and bonked hard. I didn't eat enough in the morning and didn't eat anything all ride. Luckily Lenny lives fairly close to the arena. We rode for just over 2.5 hours and put down around 68km from what I can figure out. I still shouldn't have bonked though. Lesson learned. Two days of riding, not big miles, but a good little start (and early) to the year.

*P.s. Still no baby yet.

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