Saturday, April 25, 2009

OBC Almont 'Paris-Roubaix'

This is where I'll be racing/riding tomorrow. Riding - slash - racing because "this is not a race". Not a race my ass. You line up some serious riders next to each other, whether it's a club or group ride, riding with your buddies, or a "tour" and it becomes a hammer fest. And the fact that the "tour" lists results no longer makes it a tour, but rather a race.

Either way, another event that I am looking forward to. Looking forward to it except that it's going to be a little chilly (especially after today's 29 degree temperatures), and wet, and an early start, and that it's my fourth day of riding in a row.

Hitting the snooze button is looking like a good alternative.

Stay tuned for the post race report.

1 comment:

Thomas Fletcher said...

Good luck with the race. I had to think long and hard about passing on it this year, but my steadfast partner is busy picking up ballet tickets and without him, I'm nothing.