Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last minute decision

I made a last minute decision this week to take in the first race of the new Substance Projects Marathon Challenge. This really wasn't on the radar for me and I was going to stick around home this weekend to do some prep for my solo effort at the 8 Hr race at Mansfield next weekend. I had originally planned to do the second and third races, but the opportunity presented itself to go - so go I will go. The Vegan Vagabond will be my travel companion and we'll be heading to Matt's place tomorrow to crash overnight and be close to the venue for Sunday's 10am start.

This first race takes place at Horseshoe Valley, which is a ski resort north of Toronto. The races in this series were advertised as 70km loops. This particular race was cut back to aprox. 60km due to all the climbing. I've never ridden here and only have read a handful of reports. If there is as much climbing as rumored, then my regular 32 x 18 might be a wee bit steep for climbing ski hills. I'm limited in my possible cog range and left it too late in the week to get once that I figured would work best. So, I'm stuck riding 34 x 22. This will be very much under-geared on the flats and downs, but my legs will probably be happy with it on the climbs.

More on Substance Projects . . . .
substance projects fuses founder Dan Marshall’s passions for mountain bike racing, well-organized biking events and charitable work.

“I was looking for a new challenge, a different kind of event,”
says Marshall.

He created substance projects to provide racers with the opportunity to experience a new kind of event while making a difference in the community.

“Each substance project will depend on the community and give back to the community.

“The cycling community creates the experience – at the start line, on the trail, during the awards ceremony.

Participants give back to the community by donating to food banks and supporting IMBA through their registration fee,” Marshall continues.

Marshall has been a pro mountain bike racer for over 10 years and has coached and trained other racers for eight years. Marshall’s recent biking efforts have taken him on several endurance cycling events including overseas trips to Australia, New Zealand, and Belize.

In 1997 he founded and ran the University of Toronto and Ontario University series – events that set new standards for racers and events organizers of collegiate mountain bike events.

In addition, he has volunteered at and worked for several charities, assisting people with disabilities and campaigning for fair-trade production and environmental responsibility.

Marshall wants you to take the substance challenge: experience substance projects that will get you moving, take you down new trails and help you make a difference in the community.


The Evil MGE! said...


I just read your about me for the 1st time or maybe I had before and just forgot that I had read it. Anywhoo, its all this talk about you being an arsehole, cursing and slamming your way through life and bro its time I let your readers know the truth.

The Original Big Ring is just a big Ol Teddy Bear with a hug awaitin ya on the trail. Nuttin but smiles and kind words from that one.

Now that I've got that off my chest its good to see your still racin and managing Fatherhood. Right on Brah!

the original big ring said...

Ohhhhhhh Goat! You're making me blush. You're also so cute that I could give you a BIG squeeze.

Good to hear from you!

Now how about that trip to CO?!?!?

The Evil MGE! said...

If you come try to make it between July and mid-late September. That's about the time the high country opens up and I can take you on some real epics. Could set up all dayers, shuttles, anything you want. There's stuff open at lower elevations other times of the year but who's to say you won't see a dumping of 2-3 ft at that timer either. This year may be a little different due to the fact that we haven't had much of a snow year. I am trying to get some folks together for the Crested Butte Classic. 100 miles, no entry fees, 3 loops of the best Crested Butte singletrack straight from town and a beer party. Should be sweet. Usually held in mid July, this year it might be for sure, last year it was moved to August or September.

The Evil MGE! said...

Course if you have to come earlier or later in the year we could always make a pilgrimage to the Fruita, Moab area. Spring and Fall are best times to hit those but I love me some high country.