Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Recovery Monday

It was Victoria Day yesterday - won't argue with being part of the Commonwealth if it gets me a day off work.
It was also a day to recover.

My next door neighbour's kids had a bake sale with all the profits they made going to the Canadian Cancer Society. I'm all for the fight against cancer.

Legs were angry with me, so I took them for an easy spin around Ottawa to
shake out the crap in them from yesterday's race.

- bike path through experimental farm

- boat on the Rideau Canal - check out the name . . . .

. . . . and I thought that he was the only Ottawa "queen"

- view down the Rideau Canal

Fisticuff for Prime Minister
- our parliament buildings

- tea with the ladies

- view of the Ottawa River from behind the parliament buildings

- parliamentary library


Sandro said...

Nice pictures, makes me wanna move to Canada. You are lucky living in nice region like that.

Dan Frayer said...

do they eat rice krispy treats in Canada?
love dan

the original big ring said...

yes Dan, we call the 'little white crunchy bits stuck together with marshmallow treats though' the name takes up lots of space though.

cheers and congrats on your placing at your tri race