Sunday, February 18, 2007

Earlier this past week my wife told me that were going away this weekend and it was to be a surprise. I was not to nag her or bug her about where, just be ready to go. Over the past couple months she’s mentioned maybe going to Montreal or getting away to a bed & breakfast somewhere. I figured it was going to me a low key weekend full of antiquing, looking at quilts, drinking tea and eating crumpets. Wasn’t too thrilled about it, but didn’t let on. All I wanted to do was ski and ride all weekend – get a good weekend of endurance training in.

She kind of surprised me actually, I thought my wife knew me better - she must of known that I was going to be irritable and cranky sitting in a b&b someplace doing nothing. However, I figured that if I bit the bullet now, then later on when it gets nice out (a.k.a. bike season) that I wouldn’t have to go away. Not that I don’t love spending time with my wife, I do . . . . it’s just if we’re were going to go away together I’d rather have an active weekend away, doing something.

So we hit the road Saturday morning, unbeknown st to be where we were going. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Any ideas where we went yet?

Toronto vs. Edmonton


'67 Stanley Cup Champions - it was the 40th year since the Leafs last won the cup.
The place just blew up when Dave Keon came out onto the ice. Just awesome!

Recognize that tough guy over my shoulder? And who's that he's with? That's Tie Domi and Belinda Stronach.

Getting ready to give Tie a shot! Belinda in the background.
Jeez . . . all the celebs were out last night! I wonder who the guy just across from me voted for in the last federal election?

Mmmmmm . . . . skittles. Anyone not from Canada might not know that this guy is our Prime Minister (Stephen Harper)! Mmmmmm . . . skittles.

And the boys get the win to boot!

Got this shot of Chris and Carelton right outside the Leafs dressing room after the second period. Right after I took the shot we got booted from the area.

Thanks to my awesome, beautiful wife! It was an early birthday present and probably the best hockey game I ever saw in person. Will always remember this night. Love you Chrissie!


Anonymous said...

Don't let him fool you . . . I would NEVER take him antiquing . . . I deserve much more credit . . .
Happy Birthday my Craigie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and get a room you two!!! ;)

Is Chrissie your photographer too? You've got it pretty easy Mr Barlow!

P.S. Chrissie, can you tell Tammy that it's not cool to take your hubbie antiquing??

Anonymous said...

We love you Lenny!


Anonymous said...

I can feel the LOVE in the air...

I've been showing your pics of the Loafs to a few people, what a great weekend that must have been for a fan like you. On the other hand I probably would have been sick!

Anonymous said...

I don't know when you're going to start following a real team Lenny!?! Habs . . . ppfffff.

Anonymous said...

A real team..??? Were you even born when the Leafs last won the cup?
I wonder if they really did win it or if it's just propoganda? I have a friend on the prairies who says they've been subject to bad refereeing for 40 years! Too funny...


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a conspiracy theory - like the landing on the moon?! Ha ha. Don't care what you say, I'd rather be a Leafs fan than a Habs fan!

Anonymous said...

Ditto... except backwards! This blog thing is kinda cool, I should get me one of them. Nah, what would I write!