Monday, February 19, 2007

Skate ski

After a weekend of living the high life, it's back to business. Got out for a skate ski right after work with Chrissie. She went her own way and did classic as I hammered up some hills (Pinks is a long drag of a climb!). Only out for a little over an hour and a half - it was pretty cold, despite it only being -15 celcius - guess I didn't dress warm enough or wasn't working hard enough.
Glide was better than expected with the Keski taking place on the weekend and the old snow and cold temps. Waxed with Swix Blue (glide) hydrocarbon CH6 - probably would have had better glide with green - it's better to have a bit harder wax than soft. Still not bad glide.
There I go.

Here I come.

Got home ate then spun the legs for a while on the trainer. Not a bad days end.

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