Thursday, March 1, 2007


I thought yesterday was a crazy busy day. Today was much nuttier. Took our unit out on a "Spirit Week" outing to a place with tunnels, ball rooms, ladders, loud noises, swings, and such. Very unstructured place, hard to superivise and hard to maintain control over a bunch of nutbars. Maybe not the best idea considering the clientele we treat: kids with severe emotional, behavioral and social problems. All that I can say is that it was wild and ended with two of our kids being restrained for the bus ride home. Fun, fun, fun! Yeah, the little buggers got "spirit" alright. I'm more tired from this than a solid two-three hour training ride - mentally and physically drained. I need one of these . . . .and to win on this . . .
My riding friends Pascale & Scott just e-mailed me this afternoon with an invite to race a 12Hr adventure race in Vermont called Frigid Infliction. They are doing it as a three person team and their third unexpectedly backed out at the last minute. I wish that they had gotten a hold of me earlier in the week so that I could get the time off to go. It involves xc skiing, snowshoeing, post-holing, tyrolean traverse and navigation. Would have been some good endurance training.
And the worst part of the whole deal is that I could probably have gotten away going as we are supposed to get dumped on tonight . . .. . . . which means no buses tomorrow = no kiddies and I probably could have gone. Blah!

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