Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mmmmm, cake

If you were looking here to read about a review of my custom road bike or what kind of ride I did today, you ain't going to find it. Sloth and procrastination ruled over me today . . .

I managed to convince myself to take the rest of the week easy as training bumps next week with intervals becoming a regular thing during the week, long tempo followed by a long endurance ride on the weekends. I was mentally weak today . . . . tough week all around, on all fronts - just wore me down.

So, what do I do instead of training . . . . I ate a quarter of an entire cake . . . . one that I was supposed to bring to a party tonight . . . then went to sleep for three hours.

Man, what was I thinking?


Matt Spak said...

Now I hope you had a beer with that cake!!!

Anonymous said...

Fat pig!