Friday, April 27, 2007

Spurred on by my overwhelming sense of guilt and gluttony from Wednesday, I got out for a fast loop of the park yesterday. This week is supposed to be a recovery/rest week; getting ready for the start of mid-week intervals and long weekend rides - but couldn't help but to go for a rip through the park. Legs felt spunky and I think it was one of my fastest loops of the park. I was also trying to beat the threat of rain showers.

It's supposed to rain all day today and most of tomorrow. Screws up the ride plans. Hopefully it'll turn nicer later in the day tomorrow so I can get some miles in. I'm buying a cycling rain jacket tonight just in case - will go out regardless; need those miles in the legs.

Tonight I'll be working on bikes: getting my old road bike ready for Testicle, swapping tires on my commuter (just got a Kenda order in yesterday) and putting some new ones on my wife's bike, and starting the rebuild on Julie's bike. I also got my new FSA carbon seatpost in from Mike Desalvo yesterday too. Lots to do. Will post some pictures tonight.

More to come. Cheers.

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