Friday, August 17, 2007

Two Chains Are Better Than One

I get some razzing for keeping my bikes so clean.
Part of it is my obsessive compulsive nature.
Part, and probably more important, is a clean bike is a happy bike.

I run two chains on all my bikes.
(except my road bike - which doesn't see a lot of dirt)
I'll use a chain for two or three rides and off it comes
- unless it gets really wet & dirty.
I have a plastic peanut butter container filled with bio-degreaser which I put it in.
Once in, I give it a good shake and let it sit.
I'll give it another couple of shakes over the course the time between rotations.

While that one is cleaning, the other is on the bike.
When it's time to rotate, pull the chain out of the degreaser.
Rinse it off.
Pull through a dry rag a few times.
Let air dry.
Put on the bike.
Lube with Progold.
Ready to go.

Now you can be a freak like me.

*Before you put it back on the drive train, be sure to give the cassette and rings a good scrub with a coarse brush to get all the shit off of it.*

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

just ordered half a case of PROGOLD with my brother

I got to go pick up my half

also need to grab some parts and build up my Jamis Nova cross bike

cross is here and I need to start getting ready for it

hate to hit the first race super cold