Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flip that fork

Dropped my leaking, oil spewing fork off at Tall Trees yesterday afternoon and what do I have in my hands right now (exactly one day later)? My completely overhauled fork. Whoo hoo! Thanks Will and Thom.

Apparently, White forks need a good cleaning/semi-take-apart-and-clean-job every 20 hours or so. Two 24 hr races, two road trips and loads of riding in between probably put me over by a wee bit. Enough dust and dirt got down and penetrated the seals, causing them to stay open and hence the spewing oil. Glad it was just that - thought that it might have to be sent back to White Bros for service work.

All I need to happen so that I'll be racing the Niner this weekend is for my drivetrain problems to be cleared up - here's hoping that the spider for the Middleburn cranks turn up so that I can swap the bb and cranks over from the Surly.

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