Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday, hilly Sunday.

As a prep for next weekends 100km race in the Uxbridge forest, was able to twist Mark and Tanya's arms to come with me for a wee bit of a jaunt through the woods. T'was a cool, but sunny, Sunday morning when we started out from Kingsmere (P7).

At the look-off at the top of Penguin. Then we rode to . . . .

the top of Fortune. Once here we did the long race course loop. Then . . . .

We climbed Brian's. Once at the top, Mark and I worked on my rear rotor that was rubbing badly. Tanya took advantage of the warm sun. Once we got going again, it was down the new run, "Black Bear" and onto . . .

O'Briens and Meech Lake.

My fork blew up and started spewing oil. Rebound was hardly there. All the downs on the O'Brien loop were a little sketchy. Rode to Wakefield, to Lac Phillipe, back to O'Brien's then onto the number 40. Once at the 40, it was climb, climb, climb . . .

Mark was rewarded at the top of the 40 with this sweet pair of clip-on-sunnies. Lucky dog.

From the 40, we carried on Ridge back to Kingmere .

Stopped by Champlain look-off for a look-see. Lots of people in the park today.

"Son, do you realize that you were traveling over the posted legal limit? Do you know what we do to punks like you in these here parts for traveling over the posted legal limit?"

Great ride. We figure somewhere around 70-75km of a ride. Lots of climbing, so that's always good . . . . . yeah, sure.


Steve Perkins said...

Isn't the race in Ganaraska Forest? I was gonna try and hold your wheel for the whole race. That is, unless you were planning an impromptu naked review.

Steve P.

the original big ring said...

Steve, I believe that you are right.

I don't think that any naked reviews OR riding are going to take place (unless I get some real good coaxing!) - that would just be unpleasant for everyone!

See you at the race.