Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Crank The Shield

...Mountain Biking is an adventure.
Be it a short ride or a long hammer, adventure is on your mind. Why not take that spirit to the next level? Point to point, multi-day events are increasing in popularity and Chico Racing is excited to present Ontario's first 3-day point to point adventure.

From it's regal beginnings in Muskoka's cottage country to it's incredible finish in Haliburton Forest, Crank The Shield will wind you through some of the most breathtaking scenery Ontario's near north has to offer. A combination of secondary roadways, backroads, ATV and mountain bike specific trails will take riders from one place to another. . . .
750 bones for a three day stage race on fire and ATV roads?!?!?! Doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun and it seems a bit steep. With only a weee bit of single track . . . . I think that I will pass for the first year of the race and wait and read the reviews.

Besides, I'm going to be broke from paying for this.


Steve Perkins said...

I'm with you. A little steep for just 3 days of fire roads. That's my entire entry budget for 2008! Looking forward to running into you at a few races next year.

the original big ring said...

Hey Steve! You still blogging?

Steve Perkins said...

After a long hiatus...Back at it again. Check it out!

Matt Spak said...

Ya I looked at it also Craig. I'm not interested either. A lot of money for riding on dirty roads an i'm looking at another event in early september instead.

Dave Stowe said...

Ha! We'll let ya'll know just how good it is. I'll be there. Can't afford BCBR and Crank is too close to pass up.
Cheers, Dave
( If this ends up being a double post, I apologize. These computer things suck.)

Anonymous said...

Will miss a fellow singlespeeder at the Crank! I was hoping to ride with you again at Paul's but it won't be until the following year. The Crank is too close to ride Paul's as well.


the original big ring said...

Hey Mari,
I'll see you at Uxbridge in April?

Mari said...

Not too certain on Uxbridge but definitely the Paris to Ancaster and the 8 hr at Mansfield.

Hope you feel better soon. BTW I am quite jealous of all of your ski-able snow up there. Enjoy!