Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Necessary Evil

Tonight was the first spin class for building the base back up.

Wasn't so bad with Gilles shouting orders at us. The one and half hour class flew by. Heart rate was low, about 65-70% of max HR. Once a week at the RA Centre and once a week at home is a good start for the next month or so. Mixed in with the two rides on the weekends that I've been getting in should help keep the fat at bay.

We do about twenty or so minutes after being on the bike to do some core body strength work. This compliments the work that I'm doing in the gym and I hope to see some strength gains over the next several months.


Anonymous said...

Ah common there Craig! Spinning is good for you! No flats, no chain suck and no bugs! You're in good hands there!

the original big ring said...

read what I wrote on the big ring racing site . . . . I actually like spinning and structured training!

Where was your lazy ass!?!