Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Down and out

I've been sick for about three weeks now. Started off bad, got better, then got bad again Sunday. Can't seem to shake it. I'm eating well, lots of rest, lots of fluids . . . . just not getting any better.

I took today off work to stay at home and sleep as much as possible. I am SOOOOO tempted to go for a skate ski this morning. It's a clear day with not a cloud in site - beautiful blue sky, and it's only going to be -6 degrees (celsius, 21.2 faren.) with a wind chill of about -16. We've got dumped on this past week, 40 cms of powder. Trails in the Gats are pristine for skiing.

There's about 190 km of xc ski trail that is maintained. That doesn't include the back country skiing that can be had too. Environment Canada predict a cold, long winter.

Coach and I have been e-mailing about my training program this winter. I've been in the gym throwing around weights for the past two months. I'm bulking up a bit and would rather be outside. So Coach wants me to take advantage of the snow and get out there on the snowshoes to work on power - short, sustained efforts in deep snow, trodding along. With combination of using poles, I'll be working my core as well. Alternate days I'll be skate skiing or classic skiing, and spinning on the trainer to work on my endurance base and pedaling technique.

Just have to start feeling better . . . . .


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