Saturday, December 8, 2007

Glue ski

Got out this morning for only my second ski of the season. I could have skied the past three or four weekends. Oddly enough, being able to ski this early in December in recent years would have been considered early, however, we are 'into it' now!

Still congested, stuffed up and feeling crappy. I felt I had enough energy to ski. Started out rough, but got better as the day went on . Was bringing up all sorts of 'glue' from my sinuses and lungs. Tough going through the backcountry trails we were on, track baskets kept breaking though the side of the trail and spent a lot of energy with my upper body trying to compensate for my poor forum. Once in the track set, things got easier and I was able to work on my technique some.

At one point I was following too close to Tanya as we were climbing a hill, when she slipped out in mid kick and the back of her ski almost took out my two front teeth (just in time for Christmas!). "all I want for Christmas are my two front teeth . . . . ."

Glide wax: Six purple Grip wax: Swix purple (started with Swix blue extra but switched due to warm snow temps)

They've been doing a tonne of grooming and work on the trails the past couple of weeks. Trails will only get better and better as the season goes on, with the solid base that's been established.

Trails from Kingsmere (P7).

On top of Penguin.

Tomorrow I'll be skating with Peter. First skate ski of the season . . . . should be fugly from a conditioning perspective, but even fuglier from the technique standpoint.

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