Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Naked Scale Review

Product: Zenith home scale
Purchased: Zellers
Price: aprox. $25.00

I optimistically purchased this product a couple months ago. I saw results right away after developing enthusiastic plans for getting the best results from my new purchase. I initially felt encouraged by how good the scale worked.

It measures 11.25" x 11.25", has a sturdy platform to stand on, is a nice shade of black and it's digital numbers are large and easy to read.

The surface is dimpled, like a golf ball, which made it comfortable to stand on. It was easy to step on to and easy to step off (though I always didn't feel very good after stepping off after it's reading). The pocked surface provided good grip, and the reviewer didn't note any slipping while standing on it.

However, the more I used the scale, and the less enthusiastic I felt towards my plan to use to advantageously and the more I became dismayed at the products reliability and accuracy. Over time, the 'modulation' and scale feedback left me doubting it. I tried to bring it back to the store where I bought it, explaining to a sales associate it's flaws. He assured me it was "user error" and wouldn't refund my money.

I really wanted to like this product, but found it wouldn't give me the feedback that I wanted to see. It really let me down. Here's the readout from today:

(that's pounds - lbs)

no need for rectangles

I am hoping that after a break-in period the scale will begin to show the results that I hoped for, and saw, when I first bought it.


King said...

AT least it's not in Kilos.......

Hannah said...

remember to weigh yourself, first thing in the morning, RIGHT after you pee. also, weigh yourself WITHOUT the helmet


Matt Spak said...

You broke it!!!!!

Steve Perkins said...

Let's make a bet....lightest at Summer Solstice buys beers (after the race of course!). I'm pretty close to that these days.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Craig, you make me laugh.
Too funny!

I thought you were looking quite slim at spinning the other day. I'm not just saying that.

the original big ring said...

King - pounds is bad enough.

Steve - it's a bet! But if I win, you can buy me a cranberry juice -too many calories in a beer ; )

Hannah - I wasn't wearing anything! Yikes! Is that scarier than my weight!?!?!

Tanya - you're making me blush!

Matt - yes, yes I did.

Unknown said...

Craig the nudes kill me every time....thanks for the many laughs:)


gwadzilla said...

good to see you live by the glove rule

as so many ladies say
no glove... no love

and the helmet
I say to my kids
no helmet... no bike

the craig nudes...
I bet he goes Maplethorpe black and white before the winter is up!