Sunday, December 9, 2007

First death ski

I nearly died today. Stole this photo from Peter's post over on the TEAM BLOG.

First skate of the year. Fortune climb hurt me. Worked out the bugs towards the end of the ski - thank God it was mostly downhill on the way back. Poling and stride started to come back and it became easier to find a flat ski. Legs began moving like a pendulum.

It was, like, Peter's seventh time skate skiing ever! He did awesome! By the end of the ski you could see a huge improvement in his technique.

Again on Thursday. Who's in?


Peter M said...

If you didn't see the Snow Angel, your weren't really near death.

Thursday looks good for me.

Anonymous said...

dude, you don't look so good

Steve Perkins said...

Looks like someone got sponsored by Ergon! Nice job. Do you get to use their gloves & packs in addition to the grips? I've been using the GP1 and just picked up a set of the GE1's to give a try. Maybe you'll be the first to get the new GX versions! Anyways congrats.


the original big ring said...

Steve- Huh?? You know something that I don't! Really?!?!? Where did you hear/see that?