Friday, January 4, 2008

Backcountry Night Ski

Last night's backcountry night ski with Mark was a stark similarity to the staggering, sprawling gracefullness of a Clouseau-like-French waiter. Nothing like trying to xc ski in the dark on narrow, ungroomed trails in the woods. Our downhill technique was something to marvel at . . . . really.

yup, it was just like that, but on skis.
Friggin cold out last night.

Turned my light off (wasn't getting very good light from it anyway) after ten minutes into the ski.

Headless xc skier? Freaky.

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PJ said...

Hey Craig - happy new year! the park last night for your back country? I headed up the 40 about 7pm then booked off to the 9 on to Western...perfect night - cold & all (especially coming back down!)...would love to get out & do classic with you guys some time...c-ya!...Pete