Thursday, January 3, 2008


Snowshoe, coldshoe. Brrrr . . . . it was damn cold yesterday.

Rick and I snowshoed Wolf Trail in the park yesterday afternoon. We were on the north side of the hill for most of the 'shoe', hence in shadow - it was friggin cold (with windchill - 30 degrees celcius)

We went about 9kms in just a tiny bit over 2 hours - just a steady consistent pace. By the end of the 'shoe' we could feel our legs - proof that we were working.

Training note: snowshoeing forces your legs to work on power & strength. Using poles gets your upper body working, thus providing a full body workout. Winter is the time of year to be doing some crossover sports. This strengthens the body and gives you a break off the bike. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want (my only form of exercise & training) to be sitting on a trainer in my basement for three to four months. Living in a snowy, cold part of the country it's necessary to take advantage of the conditions and enjoy it!

Frosty build-up inside of Rick's jacket. Smelly, frozen sweat . . . . mmmmmmm, nice.

"Arrgggh . . . . have ye ever had ice crystals in ye nose mate?! Arrgggh"
This photo reminds me of . . . .

. . . . minus, of course, the big, burly forearms.
What's up with Popeye anyway? Was he some sort of freak that grew in-proportioned forearms and calf muscles because all he ate was spinach?
Let that be a lesson to you kids, steer clear of the veggies.

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