Saturday, January 26, 2008

Childhood Cancer

Last night, Chris and I met up with Lenny, Tammy, their son Mark & his friend for some Vietnamese before heading off to the 67's game. Tammy has been busy lately raising funds for the Childhood Cancer Foundation. As an event to raise awareness for the charity, fund-raisers have committed to have their hair shaved off - Tammy was one of those gutsy people.

Between periods, volunteer hair dressers were set-up in the hallway of the rink shaving the heads of the fund-raisers. Tammy was in the first group to have their hair chopped off.

(is that a look of hesitation in her eyes?)


Almost done

Nicely done Tammy . . . and the whole time smiling!
Worth noting is that Tammy was the sixth highest fund-raiser and the event raised well over $45 000 for the cause! Whoot!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Craig! Thank you so much for posting those pics on your blog! When I got home, Lenny got out the shaver and trimmed off some uneven pieces and then I asked him to take even more hair off . . . I now pretty much have the Sinead O'Connor look going on and I actually kind of like it!

Will send you guys an "updated" pic later!