Saturday, January 26, 2008

You're Impatient Fattie!

First thing I did this morning was go downstairs, wearing only boxers, go to the bathroom and try to squeeze every little bit out of me that wasn't needed, then go down into the workshop to weigh myself. I've taken only to weighing-in once a week. I don't think that I could handle seeing the slow progress daily - too demoralizing.

So, I sit at 193lbs. That's 13 lbs off my weight on January 1st. Most rational thinking people would say. "That's awesome!" However, in my head it's not enough, not quick enough . . . and like the Ray Steven's song goes:
"more, more, more,
how do you like it? how do you like it?
more, more, more . . .
I'm an impatient person, I know this about myself. Most things I wanted done yesterday. It's not a redeeming quality, ask my wife, but at least I'm aware of it.

I've been very conscious about this whole weight loss thing - you have to be when you've been use to eating whatever you want, whenever you want. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be, sure I have my moments of craving and insatiable hunger where the thought of gnawing on my own arm seemed like a good idea, but I've just been trying to do this smart: portion sizes, smaller meals, frequent healthy snacks and exercise.

But, I really expected to have lost more than this already. Even looking in the mirror in the morning, as I flex and do my muscle man poses as I recite my daily affirmations, I thought that I've looked thinner. Maybe not as thin as I thought.

I've got until the end of March to get down to my goal of 185 lb'ish. I think it's realistic and doable. Just think how much sexier I'll look for my naked reviews!


Steve Perkins said...

That's ridiculous! 13lbs already! I think I've put on a a few. I've got a jug of cranberry juice with your name on it.

Good job. Keep it up and by June you'll be 128lbs!

What's your real target?

the original big ring said...

target is around 185-180lbs. It's realistic and any lighter might affect my performance. I'm a big guy, so 180'ish will be light for me!

Cheers Steve!