Sunday, February 3, 2008

Spin Club

The only thing we we're fighting to do today was keep our arses firmly planted on the saddle for three hours of spinning.

The boys thought it'd be a fun idea to have a crit in the gym instead of spinning. I hope the school's care-taker doesn't see this.

Big screen, fans and the '99 tour made the first hour and a half go by pretty quickly. Mark and Lenny climb with the boys on the screen.

I averaged 154 bpm for the three hours of riding. My heart rate is just coming down the last bit (above) while I spun the legs out. Today I was right where I wanted to be - right in the endurance zone for pretty much the entire time. At this time of the year, base is what it's all about.

Riding in a group makes the long spin sessions go by a lot faster. It really didn't feel like three hours today. The gym is booked until mid-March. Who's in?

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