Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bunker Ride

Did a West Carleton loop today.
Ended up riding past The Diefenbunker, out in Carp.

Built to protect the government from nuclear attack, this once-secret bunker is now a museum and National Historic Site of Canada.

The Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum began operation in June 1998. The site was owned and operated by the Government of Canada, Department of National Defence from 1959 to 1994. The site was nicknamed after John Diefenbaker, Prime Minister at the time the government decided to construct the facility. Should nuclear war have broken out or seemed imminent, the Diefenbunker would have been the safe haven for those providing the thin thread of continuity of government. For the 33 years it was in operation, day-to-day operations made it the key strategic communications facility for the Canadian Forces.
A little piece of Canadian Cold War history, hence the black & white photos.
Sans balaclava. Was eleven degrees today.

Road along the base of the Carp escarpment.

Good solid training ride today. Ended up with just under 80 Km in 2 hrs. 38 min.
Lots of interval work: pyramids, ladders, and power work. Legs felt good. Even got to play a bit of cat and mouse with some roadies. Lots of people on bikes today.

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Got to love a bit of history