Sunday, April 6, 2008

Acid trip

Hooked up with Lenny today for an acid trip or a LSD ride (long slow distance). He was only going to come out for about 50km or so, but I manage to trick him into doing the whole ride, double that of his intentions. T'was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday - blue skies and sunny - though not quite as warm and a lot more wind.

Nice lake? That's a farmer's field. Hard to tell from the photo, but it's filled with Canada Geese - who I am sure are pretty messed up with their migration this year - isn't it supposed to be Spring? At least the snow is melting and the geese are back - a couple signs of Spring.
*Another being my
Toronto Maple Leafs not making the playoffs - you can really count on them for that!*

Got way out of town, first south, then headed east into 24km/hr wind. For added work, we chose a gravel road to ride on for nearly 8km.
Wind + Gravel = Fun!

Lenny will do anything to go faster. This ski doo fairing seemed to help. What's next? Shaving your legs?!? If you're going to ride on the road, you really ought to do it. Sheeesh!
I don't know why I even rode with the guy!? To begin with I felt a little sorry for him, but after that wore off it was quite embarassing to be seen with him.
Check out his attire. Those aren't road cycling shoes & they certainly are not white! AND, he's got a visor on! Tsk, tsk. Total improper attire for road riding.
No wonder we were snubbed by so many roadies!

Evey time I saw bikers approaching (and I would always see them before him because I was always on the front and he drafted off me the whole ride - phuker!) I would go faster and put a gap between us so that they wouldn't think we were together. I've got a reputation and an image to protect you know!
I don't mind saying all of this, cause I know Lenny doesn't ever read my blog.

Luckily for him, he'll soon be on this baby! Then he'll HAVE to stop dressing like one of those Neanderthal mtn bikers and start dressing like Steph.

LinkCaught up to this dad while on my way back into the city. He was really moving along pulling his kid in a chariot. That's awesome! I was even tempted to sit behind the chariot and hold onto the handle and let him pull me all the way back into town.
That's more of something that Lenny would do though.

Shortly after passing 'the dad', I met up with The Vegan Vagabond, who was just finishing up her ride. Apparently hills are on her mind as of late. Couldn't imagine why?!

Good ride, first 100 plus km ride for me this season. Legs felt good!
By the way, after yesterday's long interval session I got some EMEND in to me straight after the ride - and like I said, the legs were good today.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

um, worst picture ever of me? thanks BR.

Stef looks super hot in his picture. Wow! Hannah you are one lucky lady. ;)

Unknown said...

Where can I get one of those flaring's. Reckon it would cut at least 10%, not to mention being able to glide down mountains instead of taking all the turns.