Sunday, April 27, 2008


Two hours yesterday in Gatineau Park doing hill interval work. So nice to be back in the park. It was so nice out yesterday I found it strange that so few people were riding. I did meet up with Kari who was out for a spin incognito. Crazy girl was hitting the hills straight off an Ironman.

Managed to do the full loop, despite a few sections of ice/snow on the Fortune parkway. With the rain last night, it should almost be all gone.
Today, big long ride with Mark - more later.

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Peter M said...

Still three sections of snow on the Fortune Pkwy climb today. I got thru all three with my "accelerate and close eyes" technique while the 4 guys I was with all dismounted and walked. Pussies. My legs were a bit gammy from the CL ride yesterday, but loved being out in the park again.