Monday, April 28, 2008

Hilly LSD

Me and Curvy Butt got a good long ride in yesterday. We mostly rode together, except for the odd time that Mark would break away from me in some sort of attack on non-existing riders. The guy can't stick to a game plan of a LSD ride - 85% of your max HR isn't LSD! I think he's secretly planning on riding alone and dropping me each day while out west at The BC Bike Race.

We left my place just before one o'clock and headed over to the park for a full loop (including up to Champlain). Just before we hit the Champlain Bridge, we met our fellow Big Ring teammates and a few other riders held up waiting for Giles, who seems to have a time management problem. We didn't stay long to talk, we were on the clock (hey, that rhymes!) and had a pace to keep. So up to Champlain and a full loop of the park.

Fortune is 99.9% clear:
Just a wee little section, but you can even ride through it with no problem. Watch out for all the debris on the road.

Turned left at P8 and headed for the 105. Then we did the same loop that I did last weekend with Coco and the Vegan Vagabond. Once we completed that section, is was back to the park (P8) and hung a left to climb up to Penguin, then home. We even ran back into team, almost in the exact same spot we left them at the bridge, earlier in the day. They said that they rode, but I think they hung out at the bridge all day sun tanning!

Ended up with 126 km, average speed = 27.5km/hr.

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Anonymous said...

its 100% clear, I rode it tonight from home, 90km...nice chilly night, but great ride.

where you up there?