Wednesday, April 30, 2008

N Gear Jump Stop

Ever since getting the Niner and running it as a 1x9 I have had issues with dropping my chain off the chainring. I've searched high and low for an answer and have tried a couple of solutions.

First of all, if a bike shop tells you that you can run a 1x9 without some sort of chain guide, turn around and take your business elsewhere because they don't know what they are talking about.

There is nothing worse, nothing more confidence sucking than a chain that drops off at seemingly the worse possible moment - sending your knee lurching violently forward into your stem or bars.

While riding in NC this year, Chris, who also rides 1x9, had one of these dealies. He swore by it. After some searching around on the web I found it. I contacted the company and requested a price and info, but heard nothing back. Right on their web page, N Gear say that they'll send you their "jump stop" and if you like it you can pay for it. Man, that's trusting! After not hearing anything back, a week later I write to them again inquiring how to get one, and oddly, on that the same day I receive a "jump stop" in my mailbox. I had paid no money for it.

It's light, very adjustable and super easy to set up. It's made of a nylon collar and a stainless steel chain guide. It's solid, but light. I am thinking that this is going to be the cat's meow.

This is my original set up. It was attempt by unnamed bike shop to fix the problem that was not supposed to happen. Barely worked at the best of times. Heavy, ugly, stoopid piece-o-crap!

Fritz had an extra "dog fang" that he let me use. To be honest, I only got a handful of rides with it. It was MUCH better than the original set up, but I did have issues with the chain hoping up on it. The chain did fall between the plastic 'fang' and chain ring once. It is made of a plumbers pipe clamp and a plastic piece. It seems like it could wear over time.

Since receiving the jump stop, I've e-mailed Nick at N Gear and requested that he send me an invoice via Pay Pal so that I can pay. I may throw a few bucks extra at him just for being so darn trust worthy and speedy with sending it.

Like I said, this looks like it's the dealie-o! Will give a thorough review, maybe even 'naked', in the not so distant future (once the trails dry out!).


Anonymous said...

Thanks BR - I'm gonna have to get me on of these thing-a-ma-jig-ers. About paying, they've got info on their site.

"If all is's $10.40 via PayPal to"

That's pretty wicked customer service (and trust). Make sure you tip well. Maybe mail Nick a 6 pack of Canada's best.

The Evil MGE! said...

Sweet dude. I'll have to look em up when I build my gearie back up cause its gonna be a 1x9. Don't need no stinkin grannie, if its to steep to ride it in the 32x34 I should be walkin anyway for not being strong enough. I don't need no stinkin Big Ring either. If it ain't fast enough at 32 x 11 then I just need to learn to spin faster. Dude, what up by the way. Thought for sure you and Condom Boy would've drove down for the PMBAR on Friday and left on Sunday after the race. Its gonna be wicked. Would've been great training for the BC Bike Race too.