Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sundays ride

I was supposed to do an interval session tonight, but things have gotten very, very busy. Lots happening right now - so this post is the closest thing that I am going to get to riding today.

Sunday's route. Just over 100km from my doorstep.
Beauty warm day!

Hooked up with Tobin (soon to be referred to as Coco the Monkey) and the Vegan Vagabond - biking along the Gatineau River just outside Wakefield.

Tanya just over my shoulder as we climb out of Wakefield up towards Edelweiss. Nice thing about riding on the Quebec side is the change of scenery - no flat sections that go on for miles, just lots of hills.

Tobin up ahead of me leading us on route 366 heading towards Mt Cascade.

Tanya climbing away.

On the way home, Tanya and I stopped at the little island half way across Champlain Bridge to watch a big group of kayakers take advantage of the swollen Ottawa River. Brrrr . . . I bet that water is cold.

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