Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Comprehensive Look at How Iron Maiden and Professional Road Cyclists are Alike

The other day, as I was pulling on my totally rad Maiden jersey, I was thinking how much Iron Maiden and road cyclists have in common.

They both have a need to wear tight fitting clothing that shows off their junk.

They both often put the "hammer down".

They both take part in their share of press conferences
(though I don't think anyone is questioning Iron Maiden for their
use of 'enhancement drugs' unlike Floyd)

Iron Maiden have bobble heads made in their tribute . . . .
. . . . road cyclist have big heads.

They sometimes sport wicked big hair.

Have links to the devil.

Have to stay in line and work as a team.

They both have a need for hydrating properly.

Both have a large, rowdy fan base.

Nutty groupies follow them around.

Their names are on their equipment.

Both have movies made about them.

Books have been written to tell you how to play/ride like them.

There are even video games!

And posters too.

At the end of a show/race, they both salute the crowd.

So there you have it . . . . if you're a road cyclist or even a fan of road cycling, you may as well be card carrying member of the Iron Maiden fan club . . . . you are more alike than different.


Matt Spak said...

Rock on Now go ride your bike

Anonymous said...

just been biking the "Grenseritt" in Norway and the "Birkebeinerritt" with my orange maiden shirt :)(terrain rides)

Rock on your bike

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

Haha, kick-arse, this is. Tweeting this. Stumbled upon this while searching for Maiden wallpapers!

Anonymous said...

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