Sunday, May 4, 2008

Craptastic Weekend

This weekend has just been the continuation of a couple bad weeks. Stress and crapola at work, McCraps-on-us at home (Chris and I are great, but are dealing with krap right now), crappy stuff happening on a career level, crippity crap-taking-so-long on a bike build, crap-alots with training . . . .and the crap continues. It's been one of those times where life seems to dump all over everything . . . leaving you with CRAP to clean up.

Didn't get out at all yesterday (in fact only out once this week, since last Sunday) due to some . . . . never mind. This past week was supposed to be my third week of Build I training, ended up being more like an R&R week (which WAS next week).

Today, I had to dig deep to find the motivation to go ride - it's just not there. I'm feeling totally burnt out and wiped by life right now. Somehow I managed to get dressed and on the bike and out the door to go meet up with Mark for a 40km ride into a wicked headwind, then aprox. 60km of hills in the park. No more than 3 km away from the house than did the bead on my front tire tear and a blew out the tube; more like EXPLODED the tube - KAAABOOOM!

Managed to leach a phone call off some guy's cell phone while walking home and got a hold of Chris. She was nice enough to come pick me up (thanks Babycakes!) and was able to get a hold of Mark and told him not to wait. It was the icing on the cake, so to speak . . . . icing is much yummier than expression lends itself in my situation, whereas the icing was the bit that just about sent me over the edge. Things have got to turn around . . . . but when!? CRAP!


Unknown said...

Pretty lame but just remember that without these "bad" times the good times wouldn't seem as sweet.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

hope things get better, BR.
Hang in there and let me know if ya need to talk!

Anonymous said...

whats up Brother Craig? dude, don't worry about the crap...ride the bike. head clears, and then ride it some and other will change. stick with the plan, and you will reap the benefits of all the hard training. ride in the rain or whatever. trust me, stick to the plan, its well worth it. BTW - unless you are sponsored by that tire company, might I suggest some new tires? they don't look like Continental GP 4000s? maybe its time to go back to those babys'.

if the training isn't there, use the time off to recover mentally and physically to re-focus. a little time off the bike always is good for you...and allows body to adapt (you know all this.)

failing that, sell a bike, buy a power meter...then its FUN! race a road bike....or go harder, suffer, its fun.

Kate, and Jen say hello, and hope Chris is good brother.

later man.


the original big ring said...

Such is life, eh!?
Nope, Warren, they weren't the GP's. I was on my old road bike when it happened. GP's are awesome!
Thanks for the advice and 'chin up' talk guys. Much appreciated.

Dan Frayer said...

Looks like a defective tube.
Sorry about the stress at work. As a licensed fake doctor I prescribe dry singletrack, cold beer and a pizza.