Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Searching for my mojo




trilliums are out in bloom

fortune parkway

*you can hear my gear/brake cables hitting the camera as I descend. Just as the video ends (I was coming to a bumpy section and needed two hands on the bars) you can see a rider to the far left. I passed this 'roadie' three times in the park. I waved and said 'hello' each time. The last time I pulled over to the centre of the road and waved directly at him and said loudly, "HELLO!". Nothing. I don't get them. Middle of the woods on a lonely stretch of pavement and not even an acknowledgment. WTF?!?


Anonymous said...

Some people just take themselves too seriously. Friggin' age group weekend warriors.

Kark said...

roadies suck balls.

simple as that. Just no fun with those clowns.

buncha anonymous pretenders training for the next olympics between forays into the roadie shop to hunt for even more serious looking & colour coordinated gear. Extra points if it matches yer Lexus!

My favourite (recently) was the guy in an obviously slowish group ride drafting, hands on the tops, with a time-trial helmet. (still with the stern grimace of course)..
"lookin' good champ!"

Roman Holiday said...

Cool little piece of film you got there. I've been thinking about buying a helmet cam one of these days.

Anonymous said...

some roadies, NOT including myself, are morons...the best thing to do, is put the hammer down, and drop them on a climb, where they figure they are a god...its pretty humbling for them, especially if you have hairy legs. ;-) hehehehe

we were in the park on Thursday night, missed you by a day! hill intervals...secret training, it was fun...(hurt like hell)...

looks like you had the right tires on this time, good job brother!



the original big ring said...

Hairy legs are the way to go Warren! you big puff ; )

You're right, you ain't a tool on the bike. You did pass me once on the bike without waving though, but I forgive you. You looked like you were in a world of hurt with your head down sprinting up a hill with two little skinny guys chasing you! I guess that's how you get strong!
Cheers buddy!

Anonymous said...

when was that? probably in my own world...usually its a mission to get to the park and back...quick.

takes a long time to build up, and I'd say we're all pretty lucky to have fun enjoying this...could be a whole lot worse...consider if we lived in Burma?