Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eight Is Enough

If you remember the TV shows from the 80's, and remarkably I do, Eight Is Enough was enough. I hated that show.

Actually, despite feeling tired, I could have kept going - but probably, like after filling my face at an all-you-can-eat five dollar Chinese buffet, I would have regretted it. So, I guess eight hours was enough . . . . cause that's what my back and my hammies are telling me today.

This weekend's Opus 8 hr Race at Mansfield Outdoor Centre was more of a training ride for Curvy Butt and myself in preparation for The BC Bike Race. Our goal was to just ride together the entire race, pace each other and see what happened. We ride together all the time, so I think we knew what to expect. It was, however, an excellent gauge to see where we are in regards to our training for the seven-day stage race out west and eight hours were enough, cause that's likely to be our longest day racing in BC.

Bug season. Traveling to Jeanie Beanie's place (my mother-in-laws) my bike bra caught every bit of pollen and bug that dared to get in it's way. Pretty gross really.

When Tanya asked if she could travel with us this weekend, I don't know if she knew that Jacks would be sitting on her almost the entire way.

Start of the race - all cheery faced.
"The Burt" made it's debut yesterday - maybe not a good idea to do your first ride on a new bike during an eight hour sufferfest - Tanya did too! However, it handled perfectly and I am digging this 29'er single speed! More to come on that soon.

Mark and Tanya. It was the last time that Mark and I would see Tanya until the end of the race.

Rick. It was like the second time he was on his mtn bike this year. Freak of nature.

The start of the race. We probably would have lined up earlier, however someone told us that solos were starting ten minutes back of the starting field. Got in line late and got stuck towards the end-to-the-middle of the pack.

This was a piece of our last lap and the only shot of us actually riding. It was the last wee bit of single track, just before the finish.

Expect to see us in the top ten of last place finishers at The BC Bike Race. We don't mess around and are going to compete.
I'm 99% sure if Mark hadn't flatted and had a wicked bad crash, we would have thrown down another lap. We lost a wee bit of time. However, another lap would have just made us that much more tired. Meh.

Mark and his better half of race support.

Tanya looking like she just finished up an 8 hr shift at the coal mine.

I had the best race support. Thanks Chrissie!

Results (clicky, clicky):
  • Rick 17 out of 54, Solo Men Under 40 - not bad for hardly riding this season
  • Tanya 3rd out of 13, Solo Women - WHOO HOOO! Way to go Tanya - podium!!
  • Mark 6th out of 32, Solo Men 40 Plus - solid finish for his first 8 hr race!
  • Me 8th out of 54 Solo Men Under 40 - an improvement from last year's 9th place
*late editing note: when we left the race venue, we didn't stick around for the ceremonies. Too bad for Tanya, cause she took third place! I don't think that she realized that she did that well. It's a shame she couldn't collect her medal - I hope Chico can send it along to her.


Golonghardman said...

Great race experience. Sorry we didn't grab your medal Tanya.
It was nice to bump into you guys when i did , the most conversation i had for the entire race. My 2nd time on the mtb Bigring, not in the saddle, first 8hr.
Goes to show you how tight the field is in these races, only 3 1/2minutes seperating 17th from 10th, every second counts in an 8hr.
Props to you all for an excellent effort.
Craig i meant to ask about Ergo grips, i need to do something for my hands.

Hannah said...

congrats on your race Craig!

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Great race BR! And thanks to you, Chris & Jeanie for excellent company.

Steve Perkins said...

Nice ride Craig. Good to see you out on the course a few times. I looked for you after the race but figured you left right after for the long drive home. I'm sure we'll bump into one another at the 24 hour...


Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you again! Too bad our laps didn't coincide because it would have been fun riding with you again. Enjoy your rest week and I will keep an eye out for you at the 24hr!

The Evil MGE! said...

Good Job Craig and whats that peeking out from beneath your shorts?! A Vassago! What up brother, shine some light on this beast!