Friday, May 30, 2008

Slog the blog

I don't know what to say. I've been feeling a little unmotivated to blog lately. I've got a tonne of ideas and things that I'd like to get down, but no time or energy to do it. I get a lot of motivation from reading other people's blogs. Unfortunately life has been extremely hectic the past couple of weeks and has sucked the life right out of me. Even training has taken a bit of a hit. The past two weekends have been heavy on riding, but in between there hasn't been a lot happening on the bike - partially due to weather on some days, others it's been stuff that I absolutely have to do and can't reschedule. Do you ever feel like life is getting in the way of riding? It used to be that riding was getting in the way of life (which I prefer). When I don't get out to ride I feel like a penned up animal in the zoo - just pacing back and fourth to get out and a wee bit restless, irritable and discontent.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, despite having to ride tomorrow in the rain. It's going to be so good to get back in saddle after last weekend's 8 hr. Next week is looking a little less hectic, so expect some better blogging. Here are a couple posts that I am working on: "The Burt", some photos of my new ink, a naked review (hubba hubba) that's been due for Citra Wipes, and some general ranting and raving.

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