Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Umpa Lumpas Made Me Do It

Nope, that's not me with the cast of Little People Big World.
Umpa Lumpas invaded my afternoon nap and their short little, stubby legs kicked my arse to go ride.

Was supposed to ride with Giles and Dr. John this morning, but I opted out to spend some quality time with "the wife". Mother's Day is tomorrow, and despite not being a mother, we've got pets, so it's the next thing having kids. Dicky understands this and he's got kids too. One of my favourite things to do on weekend mornings is taking Jackie-boy to Bruce Pit with coffee in hand walking and talking alongside Chrisse. So bailing on an early morning ride was easy.

Curvy Butt couldn't get out to ride today due to Decky duty and instead was driving to Smith Falls for some team sponsorship pick up. I thought I'd go with him and keep him company and ride later in the day as it got sunnier and warmer out. My real reason was to twist his arm into visiting the Hershey's Chocolate factory store for some cheap chocolate. Curvy Butt gots a sweet tooth, as evident by his bodacious buttocks, so convincing him was easy.

The visit did not disappoint. It was like we were two kids in a candy store. By the time we left and got to the car I had already eaten two chocolate bars and was starting on a bag of chocolate covered almonds. Mmmmm . . . .

About fifteen minutes later driving back to Ottawa I started to get a tummy ache, energy was crashing and needed a nap. After Curvy Butt dropped me off with my big bag of loot, I crawled into bed to dream of sugar plums and marmalade skies. I didn't sleep well or for long as I got the jimmy legs, probably from all the sugar I ingested in such a short time.

Managed to get up and dressed and out the door for a hard out-and-back to Champlain. Plan was to throw down a hard effort in the second day of a five day block of training. Did I throw down like a wrastling superstar?! You bet your bulbous Umpa Lumpa ass I did! My average speed as 30.5km/hr and kept my heart rate soaring throughout. It was a race pace for sure and the legs felt good even after yesterdays hill intervals. Wonder how tomorrow's LSD ride is going to go with the chicks with sticks and Curvy Butt in tow?

*The park was super busy with bikers and motorist alike, and plenty of coppers out enforcing the law - keep your head up!

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