Saturday, May 10, 2008


Had a short, but intense ride yesterday after work in the park. *Was feeling motivated to do some hill work - which I HAD to take advantage of, cause motivation has been lacking lately. Hit Pink's climb with some speed, power and strength intervals. It hurt, but it's good for me. Roadies must have been in a good mood yesterday cause every single one of them nodded or waved 'hello'.

*got some really good news yesterday, hence the motivation. Things seem to be turning a corner for me from crippity crap to yahoo yazoo.



Anonymous said...

Maybe the roadies all read your last blog entry, and felt bad about being snobs.

the original big ring said...

I think you're right ; )

though . . . . I highly doubt many roadies read my blog - I don't have much to offer them: no tips on shaving their legs, I don't know how to climb hills or go fast, fashionably I have no sense - I just wear what fits me. Maybe they visit my blog to read what my sunny disposition has to offer?!

Anonymous said...

nah, I am just hoping to see another naked pic of you on your bike in the shower. ;-)