Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fortune Sunset Series Race #2

Three words describe my race . . . . I SUCKED ASS.

Don't know what I was thinking taking the single speed. Well, that's not fair. There was nothing wrong with the single speed - it was more 'operator error' or 'operator inability to operate'.

Here's where I figure I went wrong:
  1. decided to get out of bed yesterday
  2. decided to race the SS
  3. mounted the Nevegals, figuring it was going to be wet and slick
  4. ran way too steep of a gear 32:18
  5. went out too hard in my warm up

I fought with the gearing for the entire race (four laps). I just couldn't seem to get on top of the gear in the technical tight stuff. It was a constant push and pull on the bars and mashing the pedals with all my might just to keep it going. No flow, no mo. When I wasn't in the single track I was climbing. The only place to recover was at the bottom at the start/finish, which is pretty flat - however, I had to spin like crazy not to lose too much time.

A tough workout was scheduled for mid-week, and boy-o-boy did I get one. I really wish that I had my heart rate monitor on for that one. Ahh well, you live and learn, and despite doing very poorly, I still had fun.


Unknown said...

Funny, you sucked and I felt great about it, yet we rode together all the time. You need my strategy of setting the bar low then anything is success.


LennyG said...

And both of you were faster for me, faster for longer! I'm blaming this performance on the fact that I'm old and out of shape . . .

LennyG said...

then... THEN! Doh.