Thursday, June 12, 2008


I show up to the Fortune race last night (more on that later today or tomorrow - small glimpse: it was a sufferfest and I am very stoooopid - Fortune is not single speed friendly!) and I'm standing in line to register and I see the Vegan Vagabond. Tanya is always in a good mood and cheerful - last night she looked downright depressed and in a foul mood.
Apparently she had an "rack-cident" with her new bike.

Yep, I said "rack-cident". Put two and two together kids: rack + accident. D'uh.

Apparently Einstein, while visiting her local library, drove into a low overhanging dealie. Now I've heard of people of doing the very same thing, and I am not naming names here, but what I've always heard happening is the bike tray getting wrecked.

Unfortunately, her bike tray was either very strong or her fork was very weak. End result, she managed to sheer off her dropouts off the fork. D'oh! Did I forget to mention that it's her new fork, attached to her new bike (less than a month old)!?! D'oh!

Tanya, feeling a little blue, holding on to her two new pieces of fork.

And the moral of this story . . . . actually there are two . . . . .

One, don't ever go to the library. Reading is for suckers.

Two, dummy should have read the warning sign saying that there was a low overhang.

Upside for Tanya yesterday: she kicked ass in her race and smoked everyone. Whoot!

Note to make Tanya and every other stupid idiot who has had a 'rack-cident': I've done the same thing too! And I still stand by never going to the library.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

Last night when I had to explain to each person over and over again why I was riding the Rocky and not the moonracer, most people responded with "Oh Tanya, that sucks, that's happened to me/my friend etc...blah blah"

My favourite response however was Peter, telling it like it was, shook his head and quietly said "Oh, Tanya you idiot!" It was very funny and completely made my night.

Great representation by the Big Ringers last night! Go team!!

Unknown said...

lol...welcome to the club Tanya. I had a rack-cident two years ago with a bike I had just bought (the day before) and it was destroyed. I felt so dump...cause I forgot I had a bike on my roof and drove into a parking garage. I also did a tone of damage to my car. However, the bike was still in the rack.


Matt Spak said...

Thats so sucks. I guess there is something to be said about trunk mount racks.

Warrenty???? Tell them you were just riding along and the wheel fell off!