Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I came for big bums, but stayed for big ring

I got to find some humor in this cracked frame fiasco. So, this is all I got . . . more crack.

Do you know the number one thing on my blog that receives the most hits?
This image:

From my stats counter I can find out things, like where people come from, when, what page directed them, what search engines they used, how many people visited in one day, etc. - basic stats. And from all of those stats, this image gets the most hits.

I really don't know.

I thought people came to my site for my cheery disposition, insight on life and biking, some daily reflection and wisdom, and my atrocious writing. Hell, this photo gets more hits than my naked reviews! You mean to tell me people want to see two huge over weight fat chicks in g-strings? (actually they're probably size XXL regular full back bathing suit bottoms)
I don't get it.


MCF said...

It has to be a doctored photo....the proportions just aren't right.

Anonymous said...

Love hearing about cracks of all sizes, but see the suggested fix in yesterdays post about drilling a pilot hole at the end of the crack. It should work beautifuly - supposedly it's an old BMXer trick (BMXers were hard on their seatpost/frame junctions).

the original big ring said...

Might just do that considering I have no other options at this point. Cheers.

Golonghardman said...

I'm with Misty, i always figured that had to be a doctored photo, they're just to slim above the waist and still carry all that on the booty. Did i say booty, i meant BOOOOTAAYYEEE.

Dan Frayer said...

I love big butts and I cannot deny

love dan