Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday words

Rainy Sunday morning here in the nation's capital. It is supposed to clear up later today and I will hopefully jump on the road bike for a loop of the park. Got out yesterday. Legs didn't want to work for me at first, took a long time to get them moving. After about an hour, things came good. This tapering business leaves me wondering if it's right for me. I seem to ride stronger when I am riding lots and lots. If that's the case, I'll be fine after the first couple days while out in BC.

Good luck to all those racing at Albion Hills this weekend - Chico's 24 Hr Summer Solstice should be a good one this year (especially so if you're solo'ing). Rumor had it that there wasn't so much climbing this year, that they've added in some new trail and made it a little more technical. All the boys on the team should be flying. I checked the weather this morning for that area of Ontario and looks like they got some rain last night. Looking forward to hear the race reports from everyone who participated.

Finally got word directly from Niner who have given me the nod to ride the MCR, despite the crack. They figure it'll be fine (if it's not I'll be pissed!!) . Steel has a long fatigue life and should hold. They figure the crack was there either when it was built (that's some fine fabrication for you!) or that the seat tube collar was closed without the seat post being in. They're sending up a replacement frame in the meantime . . . . and told me it couldn't get here on time?! Ever hear of an overnight express delivery? Guess I am not that important! * SIGH*

Big THANK YOU to Misty and Vassago Cycles who were trying to hook me up with a Bandersnatch frame as a replacement (which they couldn't get to me as a shipment was running late, cause everyone is buying them up cause they're wicked bikes!). Which, by the way, may *possibly* become my long distance ride in the future . . . . more on that. (* some juggling of a new MCR Niner frame will have to take place first!) . I'd really like to be riding a blood red Bander as Vassago have been ubber cool with me and the geometry is bang on that of my Jabberwocky . . . making the transition to and from each bike easy peasy.

Last minute preparations are taking their toll on my sanity. I've got a million lists laying around the house of things to do and get before I head west. I don't want to forget anything . . . . like my race partner, Curvy Butt, who is already out west and sent me this e-mail this morning:

Yeah you're stupid (he's referring to my f*ck up with my airline reservation with Air Canada) but I've got you beat by miles. I arrived a few hours ago and built up my bike. Packing job worked awesome. Rotors are true, no damage, nice.

I did however leave my seat and seatpost clamped securely in my work stand at home!!!

Can you pick it up and bring it with you? I'm going to borrow one (or something) to get a ride in but really need my seat so I'm not bleeding from my balls at the end of day one.

Too much! This trip has already gotten interesting. I'll feel a whole lot better once I'm on that plane, cause after that, there's not much more I can do and hope that some of the stress I've been carrying will drop off like an old scab (there's some nice imagery for you!).


MCF said...

Good luck out there OBR! I'm sure once you start pedaling and the rush of mojo enters your legs you'll be kickin' ass as usual! Be wary of the crack but don't stress on it. I am certain you'll make it through....if not....hope the tube is lubed! :) Have some fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,
Now that you told me you would come to Portugal,I can't wait to know more about it.

Would you like to participate in a 12 hours competition in Portugal?
I wont have a Vassago for you but you could take my good old Cromoly Giant Bronco.

Please mail me.


Anonymous said...

u rock dude